Hello World!

Earlier today, I was talking to a friend about The Biggest Loser, as I was watching the Season 10 premiere this morning, catching up on it from last night. Our discussion consisted of the obesity epidemic and how serious it has become. I noticed that almost half of the contestants this season are below the age of 30. I was in TOTAL shock. I’m 23 years old, almost to that quarter life mark, and seeing these contestants in their late 20s (26-29) just made me feel bad. Throughout our conversation, it was suggested that I should start a blog, discussing my journey–where I came from, where I’m trying to go; the good, bad, and ugly of weight loss. I thought it was a good idea, so here I am, starting my blog about it. I’m shooting to do it for 365 days-let’s see if I can make this…I make no promises!

So, let me give a little history about myself. As I mentioned, I’m 23 years old. I’m a college graduate, for over a year now, and while I was in college, I gained not only the freshman 15, but the sophomore and junior 15 as well. I grew up being an athlete- I was put in ballet at a young age and switched over to softball and basketball. Then in high school, I started playing volleyball and throwing shot put and discus for the track team, and while I was very athletic, I didn’t look much like an athlete. I was a pretty chunky child and I just seemed to carry weight-I was the heaviest sister in the family and definitely was one of the bigger students in my class. There were girls my age who were WAY skinner than me and could EAT ME UNDER THE TABLE! I never really cared much about my weight until about my junior year of high school. I wanted to lose weight for graduation, and so I joined a gym and lost 35lbs. I got down to 200 and stayed there until I graduated from high school. I started college  the following June. I did well at maintaining my weight for a good minute, but the weight gradually started coming back on. By the end of my freshman year of college, I was back to my start weight of 235. The on-campus life-style didn’t really help my waist line much. I had a hall mate that would come workout with me, but it was never a consistent thing. She and I would go, but then we’d come back and order a medium pizza and end up eating the whole thing. We ate cheaply, and as you know, cheap food is NEVER the healthiest. The only thing I gained that year was more confidence in myself. I learned to accept myself at the weight I was, and to tell myself that I am beautiful, strong, and could do anything I wanted if I put my mind to it. My hall mate was also around my size and we used to joke when we went shopping, “There’s nothing wrong with our size, there’s something wrong with these clothes.” It was our way of ignoring the fact that maybe we should lose some weight.

Throughout the course of college, I  stayed around the same weight, maybe gaining around 5-10lbs, or so I thought. It wasn’t until May of my junior year of college, that I realized I had gotten excessively overweight and needed to lose weight for good. I went on a study abroad trip to Puerto Rico. Some of the girls on the trip were SUPER skinny and I envied their ability to prance around in a bikini, but having the confidence in myself that I gained as a freshman, I just ignored it and told myself I was sexy in my swimsuit. I actually felt skinnier during this trip and felt like I had lost some weight through the course of the 3 weeks abroad. I continued to go on to another family vacation in Ft. Lauderdale. Mind you, I was wearing a tankini for both trips and I thought I looked good! When I got home and started reviewing all my photos from the trips, I realized how BIG I really had become. I couldn’t believe it. I still was kinda of nonchalant about it though, and told myself I’d deal with it later.

After coming back from that trip, I was taking summer classes and one of the girls in my class would come to class EVERY day, super hyper, always in workout clothes, and would tell me about her workouts. I would chat along with my history of being an athlete. I would look at her and wish I had her ability to be super hyper during class. Then, one day in class, we were eating lunch and I suddenly started having REALLY bad heartburn. It stayed with me through the rest of the day and then the following weeks, I would get heartburn almost every night. I decided to finally step on the scale and see how much I weighed: the number blinked 253. I COULDN’T believe it and the FIRST thing I thought of was a previous conversation about my weight that I had with my sister about a year prior to that, where my sister told me, “I’d only consider you a cow if you weighed 250 pounds.” I had had enough of it! If this wasn’t my final cue for me to lose weight, I don’t know WHAT would be! So, I started getting on top of my weight.

Me at my heaviest, Sum 2008

Puerto Rico, 2008; Me at 253lbs

I started working out around the end of June beginning of July. I signed up for a website, Sparkpeople.com.  It’s a free online diet planner and food journal. I liked the website because I would input my information and it would give me a set amount of calories to eat every day and a goal amount of calories to burn a day. I could see my progress over time too. I did a weekly weigh in on Sunday and as my weight went down, my allotted calories would adjust so that I could continue to be successful. Just following the website, by inputting my daily food intake and calories burned, I managed to lose 20 pounds. I continued to workout, increasing my intensity and changing things up as the weight kept going down, and following the website. Then, some how in November, I got stuck in a plateau. I attributed it to it being the holidays and told myself things would adjust again come February when I got back to being strict again….sadly, I stayed in this plateau for a while.

After sharing my “stuck” story with family and friends close to me, who witnessed all my hard work and diet strictness, it was suggested that I try a fat burner of some sort. I tried SlimQuick, but it did nothing for me, and then I tried something that GNC suggested, I didn’t feel anything with that either..and then FINALLY, I heard a Healthé Trim commercial on Q100 and decided, this is my last straw–if I can’t lose weight with this, then I guess I just might be stuck at the weight I’m at. I started taking it in August and by the following January, I had lost 33 more pounds, getting my to a total weight loss of 53 pounds and putting me at 200 pounds, my high school graduation weight! So, I believed in the product when it said “Gets you high school skinny”.

So where am I now: I’m stuck again! I’m sitting pretty at 198 (on a good day) to 200 pounds. I tend to just fluctuate between those numbers. I started again with taking Healthé Trim. (I went off of it for a few months to see if I could maintain my weight without the product, which I was able to do so). But trying the Healthé Trim again hasn’t given me the same effects as it did the first time I started taking it. So, I once again stopped with the product and am just sucking it up and dealing with my plateau.

Me at my current weight for 200

I try to maintain my workout routine and watching my diet. I’m now using MyFitnessPal, as I felt like maybe I just needed to change things up. I also attempted to do a Half-marathon and started training for that, but since I don’t want to run the race until next year, the goal just seemed TOO far away and so I kinda gave up on that for now, so I’m now just working out and making strength training 3 times a week my goal and staying in shape.

So anyway-the purpose of this blog will be to update daily about my journey to losing these last 10-15lbs and to reach my goal weight. The ups and downs, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and the on days and off days of working out! I hope for those of you trying to lose weight, it helps keep you inspired and helps to let you know when you’re struggling, that you’re not struggling alone!

365 days-I hope you enjoy! 🙂