So, I haven’t updated my blog in a while because I haven’t been working out since last week and it’s because I’ve been pretty stressful lately. I lost my job and it really took a toll on me because I NEVER expected that to come. I’ve been a pretty good employee since I started working (meaning, I’ve never heard anything BUT good things about my work ethic), that I was SUPER surprised by the news. I AM a substitute teacher in my local county, but with the way that was going I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get consistent enough days because I hadn’t been on the schedule in a while.

12 hours prior to hearing about the loss of my job, my boyfriend and I broke up–so it was just a tough 12 hours. I spent the weekend cocooned in my room, eventually going out to dinner with a friend who HIGHLY encouraged that I break out of my nest. Getting out for dinner on Saturday night opened me up to spending Sunday with my sorority sisters at AIDS Walk-Atlanta. I figured it would be good exercise, walking a 5K…It was social exercise as well–so I was able to be with my sisters and talk about life, all while getting some exercise. That night, my (now ex) called and we made amends and agreed we’d at least be friends (so I DEFINITELY felt better about that aspected come Monday).

I had anticipated working out ALL this week, even more so because I wanted to out of the shock of the boyfriend/job loss, but somehow Monday became a MAD HOUSE of applying for jobs and calling schools trying to get back on their Active sub lists, and studying for my nurse entrance exam that I have coming up in 3 weeks. So, by the time I finished all that, I was too tired to workout. I was called to sub on Tuesday, but after waking up early to find out that I was cancelled, I went back to sleep and didn’t find the motivation to get up and workout…Then, Wed through Friday I subbed, but decided to take care of some other things after school…like Wednesday, I applied for some jobs, Thursday, I had a last minute interview to one of the jobs I applied to…and Today I GOT THE JOB I APPLIED/INTERVIEWED FOR!!!!! It was quick-I know, but I’m SUPER excited. It’s only seasonal work, but maybe if I’m a good enough employee, they’ll keep me on after the season. I’m just THANKFUL to get the extra hours and happy that it happened so soon considering the circumstances of just a week ago! But the bonus is, I’m at least covered until the end of January and this gives me some time to get my nursing school stuff together and time for looking for another nursing assistant job…and WITH THAT…Get me back on track with working out! 🙂

So, tonight I did 37 minutes of Wii Fit…I would have done more, but I was SUPER exhausted by the end of it. I guess that’s what happens when you haven’t worked out in a week! Tomorrow I’m going to try to get up, go for a walk, and then continue with the rest of my day. I need to get back to drinking my 8 glasses of water, taking my multivitamin and multi-mineral and eating right/logging my calories. I gotta see if I can get this gym membership I JUST opened cancelled, but we shall see how it goes! I’ve only had my membership for a little over a month, but I did ask for a month-to-month membership. My new job and subbing job are in different cities from my gym. So I’m going to see what can be done with it and just hold off on the gym membership thing for a little while. It’s going to be tough, but I’ll have to improvise with walking and running outside, Wii Fit exercise, and 30 Day Shred DVD.

If I stick with it, I can still maintain my weight and maybe even lose some. We shall see how it goes. I know things are going to pick up soon with working two jobs. But I’m going to make the most of it!