Well, it’s like day 3 of being stuck inside the house because of this ice storm in Atlanta. I’m getting a little bored with sitting in the house. I told myself to make this a productive day, but it’s not panning out so well.

I DID, however, get up and get my Biggest Loser workout in. I’m SO happy for getting a Wii and asking for the game for Christmas, cause I’d be feeling pretty fat right about now. I’ve been watching what I’m eating, but doing the exercises is making me feel better.

I wasn’t able to get my workout in yesterday because the power went out as soon as I published my entry…Perfect timing, huh?! I was dress and ready to go for it too! But by the time it came back on, I had already taken a shower, so I just decided I’d do it today, which I did! I’m only 3 days away from my goal of working out 5x a week.

So this morning, during breakfast, I was discussing how I had officially lost 60 pounds. When I hear the number, I am TRULY amazed that I had that much weight on my body to lose. My mom said she can totally believe it, but never said anything to me about it. My dad said that he wanted to “rip a page out of my book” and had noticed on Monday when I was working out HOW slender I looked. The part of this anecdote that I want to focus on is the “rip a page out of your book” part.

I can’t remember if I discussed this yesterday, but I am surprised at how doing something for myself has impacted the people around me. I have people coming from the WOOD-WORKS who I grew up with getting in contact with me and telling me how inspiring I am. And the “shero” comment I got from a college-friend via twitter makes me SO proud of myself, especially because the comment came from some who I sorta looked up to. He graduated from college and is one of the FEW who’s doing well, and I kind of wish I was in a similar position, ESPECIALLY because I graduated a year before him. So, it means a lot to me, really.

I never did this to inspire others, in all honestly. So, it’s crazy to see how many people have jumped on the band-wagon after seeing my progression and how MASSIVE of a community of exercisers I’ve got around me. At my last job, I was one of the few who actually worked out. I then found out several other employees who worked out as well, a running community. With all of us working out and talking about it and shrinking, we inspired others in the office to get on the band-wagon. I know fellow students who I went to college with who are also losing weight. And my sorority sisters as well. It’s nice to have this community of people because it helps keep me on track. I know I’ve filtered out a little and lost motivation with the exercising thing. It was consuming my life and I wanted to be able to go out and ENJOY food and not think about how many calories each bite had in it.

I MIRACULOUSLY was able to maintain my weight, cause I can’t say that I was working out much (like 2-3 days a week) and I wasn’t eating the healthiest, but I guess after having lost 60lbs, my metabolism must be faster. But I’m trying to get back in the groove and not stress if I’m not perfect. But I’m at least spreading the word to others and inspiring others to start working out and obtain a healthier lifestyle! So good luck to all those I inspired and all of those I didn’t but are also on a weight-loss journey!