I had to come up with a catchy title!

But I am a little curious…

So, I’ve been substitute teaching for the past 3 weeks–I’m a long term sub teaching a computer class. It’s going pretty well; I’ve had a few bumps in the road, but nothing to run me away. I’m DEFINITELY not the kind of teacher that just sits down and teaches from a desk. I’m walking from the front to the back of that class room for MOST of the day. I finally am able to sit down for my lunch break, but I’m CONSTANTLY up–to teaching, straight to hall duty, and back to teaching…and I don’t have the smallest of classroom, but oddly enough, this week, I’ve somehow managed to gain 6 pounds! SIX WHOLE POUNDS! I weighed in this week at 197/198…ALL last week and through winter break, I was able to get down to 191. But this first week back to classes, Ive somehow managed to gain 6 pounds! Now, I know today wasn’t a perfect day, but I would say the rest of this week, I’ve been doing pretty descent. I have been eating under my calorie goal, I’ve worked out twice this week so far, both very HIGH calorie burning workouts. Last night alone, I burned 935 calories.

I don’t get where this weight gain is coming from! It’s rather frustrating and I’m trying not to get too stressed over it, hence why I’m blogging about it now.

Okay…so my REAL question is…Am I going to have to spend the rest of my life ADDICTED to the gym like I was when I started in order to lose more weight–meaning, working out 5 times a week, being STRICT on my diet and never REALLY enjoy the food that I eat? Because obviously the way I’ve been eating THIS week, which has been eating to ENJOY food, is not going to work.

So, I wonder if it was my teaching that’s been causing me to gain the weight: not so much the act of teaching, because like I said, I stand and walk my classroom when I lecture, so it CAN’T be that. And I would 1 day for every 3 weeks I’ll eat school lunch because I’m just too tired to make my own in the morning, so I’m usually bringing my lunch. The only difference I guess between this week and the past is I’ve brought a lean microwavable meal twice this week as opposed to my usual turkey sandwich with chips/pretzels, yogurt, and some kind of sweet cookie snack (like a 100 cal pack or teddy grahams). I drink water ALL day and now that I have those liter sized Smart Water bottles, I’ve been drinking about two of those a day. So, I’m not quite sure where THIS amount of weight gain is coming from.

I wonder if it’s because I’ve changed up my diet a little this week and started eating the microwave meals. I know they have a lot of salt in them, so I’ve been trying to counteract it by drinking lots of water and working, but maybe that’s just causing a negative reaction and I’m actually storing all the water I’m drinking. I don’t really know what’s going on with me.

I’ve been trying to counteract my stress from work by oddly listening to Christian R&B and Rock music. I haven’t listened to Christian music in a while, but it’s been helping me stay calm and mellow. When I feel the stress coming or the tiredness coming, I turn on my Praise station and it relaxes me. I say it’s odd because I’ve never really been much of a Christian music person, but I keep going!

But I think I’ve come to a conclusion: my weight gain is from teaching, but not so much the actual teaching, but the hours! I’m staying up late and not getting enough sleep and so I’m not able to recover. I come home tired and therefore am only working out 2-3 times a week. Because of the tiredness, I’m less likely to hit the gym and I feel like that’s why I’m gaining weight! It’s interesting how important proper rest is for proper body function!

So, on to fighting the teaching blues!