I finally have a quick second to update. It’s been a crazy week of downs and ups. My job lately has me 90% exhausted that when I get off, the FIRST thing I think about it lying in bed. I’m tired from being on my feet all day that the LAST thing I want to do is go hop on a treadmill or elliptical and get some exercise. I’m also HIGHLY influenced by the weather and it’s been raining all week, which also makes me very tired. It’s pefect cuddle weather (with or without a companion, cause all you need is that nice fleece blanket and some coffee, hot chocolate, or warm tea. 🙂

The GOOD thing about my laziness this week is I’ve been sticking to my diet because I’ve been going to bed having only eaten 1200-1400 calories. I may have over eaten one day, because I had a small bowl of ice cream and some crackers (I’ve been having THE weirdest cravings lately of wanting sugar and salt together…weird right?) But for the most part I’ve been sticking to my “rabbit food” of a diet…okay, it’s not really rabbit food because I’ve been eating sandwiches and fruits and pretzels and what-not.

But of course we all know, just eating “okay” isn’t enough and I know, at least for me, I need that exercise to help balance out those “bad days” of eating. On Wednesday, I told myself ALL day that I was going to hit the gym after work. I went home to change and layed down in bed to watch Dr. Phil for a quick resting hour…next thing I knew I was PASSED OUT! I don’t even remember falling asleep, but I know I did, cause when I opened my eyes again, it was 10pm. I woke up in my gym clothes but FREEZING cold, that I continued to stay in bed and fell right back asleep like 30 minutes later. I didn’t realize how tired I had been.

I have had low motivation this week, but on Thursday, I MIRACULOUSLY FORCED myself to hit the gym and am getting back into my groove. I actually did something I thought I could NEVER do: I hit the gym this morning BEFORE work! I woke up at 5:20am, and was at the gym by 5:50 for a quick 30 minute cardio session. I’m SO proud of myself! I just did an elliptical strider machine at a high-resistence level, since I knew I only had about 30-35 minutes for a workout. I actually liked that, because now today, I feel like I accomplished something, and it’s only 10:01 am!

I decided that since I am SO tired in the afternoons after work, that maybe I should just get up and get my workout in and then I can relax when I get home. This morning wasn’t so bad, but I think all the sleep I got on Wednesday made it easier to get up this morning. I was mentally amped for it, I ACTUALLY woke up BEFORE my alarm clock, but it did take me a second to actually move. I even sat thinking, “I’ll just got after dinner with my coworkers”…but outsmarted myself and told myself I KNEW BETTER! If I waited, there was NO way I was going to go, and then it would be ANOTHER skipped day-making 4 skipped days! But, I’m keeping it at 3 for this week, and hope to do better next.

I took a few minutes to sit down and plan out my workouts. I am trying to get back into my running groove because when the weather gets warmer, I wanna hit the ground running…Okay, I know! Cliché, but I wanted to say it…just felt perfect. But seriously, I want to do a lot of my runs outside versus inside the gym. I have scheduled to run two to three days a week: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I’m not quite mentally ready for a half-marathon yet, but so I don’t feel the need to do an intensive training for one. 2-3 days a week will still allow me to keep in running shape. Thursday showed me that I’m in better running shape than I thought I was, for having taken some time off and having only done elliptical or Biggest Loser Wii cardio: I ran a little over 4 miles on Thursday! I haven’t done that since like October or something, but it’s been a GOOD while. I took my friend (who DOES run half-marathons) suggestion: she said, to get over my 3.5 mile hump, to speed up the pace, and then gradually start slowing down…When I was ON the treadmills, that was ALL I could remember, I couldn’t remember the rest of the details, but what I decided to do was increase my speed every 5 minutes. I normally run at a 5.5 mph speed, so I decided I’d go all the way up to 6, run that for 10 minutes, and then gradually work my way back down. I actually preferred doing that because it made the 45 minute run go by A LOT quicker than I thought it would. I usually get SO bored on the treadmill, but that kept me going and I could focus on my music. The longest part of the run was the last 10 minutes. After my 10 minute, 6mph run, I slowed down to a 5 speed (so I could catch my breath) and went back up to a 5.5, and wanted to finish the last 10 minutes at that pace…but after 5 minutes at the 5.5, I slowed down to a 4.5 and just jogged the rest out…I was SOO exhausted, and I didn’t drink water, because  it’s SO hard for me to drink water during my runs. I usually just end up spilling most of what I’m trying to drink all over myself.

But the rest of my workout days-Monday, Friday, and Saturday, will be cardio + strength training days/cross-training days or a high-intense workout, like this saturday I’m going to take a Kickboxing class with a friend. Last time I took it I burned around950 calories, so I think that’s pretty good! I think this week I’m going to bring my 3lbs weights I have use those during the workout so I get the extra to help tone me more. I am excited about this weekend.

But my workout schedule: 5 days a week, with a mid-week break, so I don’t wear myself out: Monday, Friday’s and Saturdays are cardio + strength training days. Let’s hope this works for me cause I REALLY wanna get these last few pounds OFF!