I completed week 1 of my strict weight-loss program. If I were to rate myself I, I would only give myself a 6. I started off the week strong, but kind of trickeled off towards the end of the week. I worked out Sunday thru Tuesday, but didn’t go on Wednesday- Saturday. Wednesday and Thursday I was under a deadline and needed to get my grades finished for the long-term sub job that ended on Friday. My grades were due by the end of the day Friday. I wanted to be able to give the students their grades so they knew where they stood before the new teacher came.

I don’t remember why I didn’t hit the gym Friday. I think it was just from being tired from doing all the grading I had to do on Wednesday and Thursday. Oh! No-Friday I went to go get Mexican with a coworker. I not only didn’t go to the gym, but I also ate a chimichanga–which was the first day of the week I slipped on my diet. Saturday I had anticipated hitting the gym in the evening, but after vacuuming for 3 hours (which I counted as my exercise), I met a friend for dinner and KNEW I wasn’t going to make it home in reasonable time to workout. I also slipped on my diet for dinner that evening. If I had just stuck with my dinner-a chicken salad croissant sandwich with sweet potato fries- it probably wouldn’t have been so bad, since I hadn’t eatn much for the day. But I added cinnamon to the fries (which was OH so delicious) and ended up ordering dessert. I know I told myself no sweets until my birthday–so I felt pretty guilty about that. I CAN say, that I didn’t eat the whole dessert. I ordered a brownie sundae. I pretty much ate half the brownie and the ice cream and let the waitress take the rest away from me. So, there was some self-control practice there. I had actually gotten sick of the taste of it (it got too sweet) and that aslo helped me to not want it anymore.

I realize if I REALLY gave up sweets for 6 weeks, then there WOULD be a point where I just wouldn’t want it or when I did, I wouldn’t eat as much. I am REALLY trying to get into gear so I can look AWESOME for my upcoming birthday dinner. I bought a new dress and am waiting until then to reveal it. I already look great in it, but I want it to be JAW-DROPPING. Like, I want my boyfriend to be speechless when he sees me in it.

People say I look slimmer, and I think I look slimmer too–but the scale isn’t moving much. I attribute it to me not working out, but only 3 days last week-well, 4 since I counted the vacuuming. I lost about half a pound last week, but that was about it. I’m hoping I can lose some more over the next 2 weeks. I am also going to start going to stroll practice with my sorority sisters on Mondays and Wednesdays, so that will be some extra calories burned for the week. I’ll still hit the gym and do my regular thing. One good thing is our practices are scheduled on Wednesday, which I have as my off day, but now I’ll be working out 6 days a week versus 5. And that will just be a light workout. I’m sure we’lll socialize and laugh, so it won’t be like straight strolling for 2 hours or what-not, so I won’t burn much, but every little bit counts.

I’m trying to get on top of counting calories as well. When I workout, I tend to burn a lot of calories, so I am struggling to eat my workout calories back. Yesterday, I had to eat some yogurt so I had a net of 1000 calories for the day. I know that’s still “starvation” leve, but I normally eat about 1800 for the day (minus exercise calories) but when I burn about 1000 calories, like I did yesterday, I just don’t have enough time in the day OR the energy to eat all that food back. I DEFINITELY don’t want to go pig-out to try to get those calories back either. I’m sticking with eating when I feel hungry, or I’m eating on a schedule (like when I sub during the day), versus just eating because I have the calories to eat. I REALLY would love to get down to 180 by this summer. I want to get into a bathing suit body.

I have been taking omega-3s and these joint-soothing supplements, as well as One-a-Day Women’s Active Metabolism multivitamin. I had a coworker tell me I looked slimmer this morning-I hope that taking these vitamins/pills is helping me to burn the “trouble zone” fat–like my love handles and stomach. I DO feel like my love handles have gotten smaller. I can see my hips when I stand–and there’s not a bulge of fat sticking out blocking the way. My upper stomach-near my ribs- is slimmer too–so I’m getting a more developed waistline. When I stand my rib cage is starting to protrude. I DO know I tend to lose weight from top to bottom on my stomach-so I’m hoping that with time the belly fat around my bellybutton will start to slim down and tighten in. I don’t like that tire look that I can sometimes get with weight-loss. Ihave about 3 more months (Labor Day/May) until I have to put on a bathing suit. I have two bikini’s that I want to wear, so I hope I look good in them. I want to look better than I did last year in my bathin suit.

But I’m going to keep working at it, and try to get better with my weight-lifting routine. I’m excited about Saturday because I have Group Power and Kick planned as of now (that is if I’m not scheduled to work or something doens’t come up).

Until next time!