This past week has been kind of crazy…I will say the past week and half.. After working dilligently since January 1st–working out 4-5 days a week, I took the week of Valentine’s Day off–most of the week. I worked out maybe 1 or 2 days that week…and laughed as I ran on the treadmill watching the Biggest Loser as they talked about how you can’t make holidays an excuse. But anyway–outside of taking a break from exercise and my diet, I got sick. Even though I was sick, I still managed to get in 4 days of exercise. I also switched things up–since my half-marathon is 2 weeks away (then it was 4 weeks away). I decided for the last month I’d try to run 3 days a week and do JM 30 Day Shred 2 days a week, starting back over at level 1 using 5lbs dumbbells. I’ve done at least 4 days of exercise for the past 2 weeks. I’m now running 5 miles like it’s 1 mile (which feels FABULOUS!). And I’m finally starting to see some definition in my biceps and shoulders (mostly), if not little places here and there, like my butt feels firmer and my abs are pretty tight.

BUUUUUTTTT….even with all the diligence and eating mostly healthy to the best of my ability and working out…I STILL haven’t lost a pound and with the weight training, while I AM starting to tone, I’m not losing inches either. I can physically see the change, like I can feel the indention between my biceps and shoulders, but I feel like none of the fat on my body is going away…it actually has started to become kinda saggy & flabs like loose skin. It’s actually REALLY weird. I’ve never really heard of this happening, except on people who lose weight so quickly that the body doesn’t have time to react or people who were extremely overweight & lost a significant amount of weight…but why is it happening on me?

It’s making me somewhat discouraged, but I keep trying to tell myself to keep, keeping on. I’m starting month 3 and tired of weighing 200lbs. 2 years ago, I got down to 191…I don’t get why I can’t get my body back down to that…It’s like 200lbs has a brick wall on it that will take me a DRILL to get through…So, guess what? I’m trying a drill! I’m going back to what worked for me before last time I was in a plateau–a fat-burner…NO, it’s probably not the “healthiest” way to lose weight, but last time I did it, I lost 30lbs & I’ve kept that off BECAUSE I continue to workout and watch my diet (most days of the week). I went to the vitamin shop yesterday and talked to the lady. She knows me and my family, so I semi-trusted her advice. I told her that I’m in a plateau, that I run regularly, and have been doing a light weight training program since Jan. She suggested Fireball Liqui-fusion paired with CLA. And that I only use them for about 12-16 weeks…well the Fireball. The CLA I can continue taking. She also suggested pairing it with L-carnitine, which was recommended to me before. So, you know what??? I’m going to try it. This is my drill.

I took my first dose of all three today. I woke up early and got my workout in (Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred and Level 2 of Yoga Meltdown). I took a Fireball pill & l-carnitine dose before my workout, and then took a CLA with my breakfast & lunch. I DO feel more energetic and ESPECIALLY more awake (granted that could also be a result of starting my day off with a workout), but we shall see how I feel towards the end of the day, which is usually when I start getting tired. It’s 3:30 and I’m still pretty awake. And by 1pm, I already had my 8 glasses of water down! :0) (and sitting here sad that I’m out of water & have already bought 2 waters from the vending machine, plus what I already had in my water bottle). I plan on having a healthy dinner tonight–like grilled chicken and veggies or something of the sort…fish. The fireball I was told to only take 6 days a week, so I won’t be taking it Sundays. I’m not sure which day I’ve decided to be my “fat” day yet, but it too, will probably be Sundays. I am going to work on eating healthier on Saturdays, even through my 12 hour shifts, and go a little more lax on Sundays. Or maybe switch it up, since I don’t eat the best on nights my boyfriend and I go out to dinner.

I can only hope that it helps, but again, at this point, I’m a little desperate, and desperate times call for desperate measures. I’m only trying to get these last 15-20lbs off of me…nothing more really (can’t loose TOO much of my curves). It’s just an attempt. After my half-marathon, I’ll be switching and start lifting 3 days a week and only running 2. I’ll probably do yoga on 2 of my strength training days, and spinning or kickboxing on the other day. But we shall see. I’m just going to keep on, keeping on.

Just wanted to send a quick update… Maybe I’ll be updating soon with pictures of my slimming figure???

**Only Time Will Tell**