Just wanted to post a quick update.

Last Sunday, March 18th, I completed my first half-marathon, the Publix Georgia Half-Marathon. I successfully ran the first 9 miles (minus two stops to the bathroom), but I felt great after those 9 miles. Up until that point, my longest run had been 8.2 miles, which I ran 2 weeks prior to the race. After the first 5 miles, I felt like I was JUST getting started with the race. I felt GREAT.  I made 2 unexpected stops after mile 5, but I picked it back up and successfully ran the next 4 miles straight. I felt great when I got to mile 9. After we reached that mile marker, we turned the corner and were faced with the steepest hill of the race.  I tried to run up the hill, but I was jogging so slow, I was practically walking…so I started walking. I walked up the hill and as soon as the course started flattening out, I picked up the pace again. At that point I was starting to feel the pain in my legs–quad tightness. I wish I had been able to keep running, because I don’t feel like I would have felt it then and probably would have been able to reach mile 10. But I ran as much as I could for the race, and tried walking as little as I could. I feel like I ran about 12 out of the 13 miles in total. Outside of that hill, when I walked, it was only for about a minute or so, but nothing too long. I didn’t want to fully lose my momentum. I crossed the finish line in a sprint at 2:44:36. I wanted to get in before 2:45 and I did, roughly, by 30 seconds…so I was proud of myself for that. I was happy to have recieved my medal at the end of the race…and I could barely walk! lol Speaking of which, I need to go look up photos from the race and see what pictures were taken of me. I enjoyed running the race and was proud of myself. I even wore the medal to work the next day to show to my students… sadly no one really thought it was cool.

I definitely went ahead and registered for the next years Half-Marathon. I oddly inspired a couple of other people to do the race with my next year…so that will be exciting to have them join me. I also went ahead and placed a lottery ticket for the AJC Peachtree Road Race and GUESS WHAT? I GOT IN!!!!! I got the text from my bank saying my debit card was charged SUPER early this morning…and when I went to find out what company that was, I saw the Congratulations Email! I”m SO excited about running this race. I feel like I’m completing a bucket list of races that I never created before. The good thing, though, is that I can already run 5 miles pretty easily. I think I’m going to try to pick up my pace and start speed training. I’m going to do a 1 mile speed run once a week, interval speed training, and then a long run as my 3 runs for the week. So far, my best time for a 10K is like 1:10 hrs. If I can cut that down to just an hour, I will be pretty happy. It’s just something to try and aim for. I also feel that the speed training will probably help to burn some fat too.

Another thing I am going to start doing is Turbo Fire. I was reading about it on My Fitness Pal and saw people’s progress photos. It’s a high intense cardio workout with some sculpting workouts, made by the Beach Body company–the same people that do P90x. I’m pretty excited about starting this program and hope I get the same results as everyone else.  I don’t really care to lose my size so much, but I DEFINTIELY want to tone. I have been having various discussions with people, and I have yet to have one person say I look the weight that I am, which is good news. Most say they think I’m in the 170-180s and I even had one student think I was in the 160s (he would have gotten bonus points had I been his full time teacher! lol)

I have been doing Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred, but I really feel like it’s time to kick it up a notch. I figured with the 90 day money back guarentee, that if by day 60 I don’t see any changes, that I just mail the program back, but I truly felt it was time to make an investment towards my health. My sister’s wedding is in a month, and maybe in 30 days I’ll look like a completely different Bridesmaid. I’m excited about the nutritional guide it comes with and feel that maybe it’ll help me to “fix” my diet and I can learn to eat even better–eat more efficiently for my body so that I have successful results. I look forward to being able to post my photos. I will definitely keep you all updated on here. I’m trying to be very optimistic that this is going to be my breakthough and I can be done with this weight LOSS journey, once and for all, and continue to maintain my size.

But anyway–still no weight loss, and I’m still about the same size measurement wise, although some people think I look like I’ve lost some inches since I started taking the supplements. I feel like some of my belly fat has died off–my waistline does look more shaped out, so I guess that’s good news and I don’t feel as bloated after eating like usual.

That’s all the updates I have for now. I keep tracking for my Turbo Fire package…it’s in route and in my city…but not yet delivered. I am VERY anxious, can you tell? Hope you all are doing well!