I am sitting here watching Supersize vs SuperSkinny on the OWN network and it reminded my to update my blog with my newest page of information in my life. As many of you know, I’m frustrated with my inability to lose the pounds off my body. I know weight is JUST a number, but I’m frustrated with weighing in the 200s still. I have spent 4 years of my life trying to get OUT of that number category, and I’d really like to be out of it. I am being realistic, in that I don’t desire to be super skinny-my goal weight is to weigh in between 185-low 190s. As I’ve said before, genetically, I know my body is going to weigh heavy. I have based my goal weight off family members and not magazines or the BMI chart even. I feel like I can get my BMI into a healthy weight category, even if my actual WEIGHT is not there, by being consistent and building up muscle mass. I have been weight training and will be starting week 3 of this program that I’ve been doing–and I will do that for 2 weeks as well, as I have been doing. I’m not sure what will happen after I finish week 4 for the 2nd time. I feel like I’ll probably go back to week 1 again–since each week is a different set of exercises, I feel like my body won’t necessarily get USED to it-or maybe I’ll incorporate Turbo Fire Sculpt/Tone video and have a 3rd day of strength training? I’m not sure, just have to see what my schedule will be like.

But to aid in blasting body fat, one thing I AM doing, is going on a 28 Day Carbohydrate Detox as recommended by Doctor Oz to aid in kicking my carb addiction. The plans calls for week 1 of no carbs, week 2 is whole wheat carbs, week 3 you add in fruit-but up to a healthy serving size, and week 4 is having all those things, including one cheat day. I WOULD say I’m addicted to carbs because I LOVE sweets and have a MAJOR sweet tooth and not only do I have a hard time resisting that, but I also struggle to resist potatoes and bread. I started it yesterday, which I KNEW was going to be a challenge because it was a work day at the hospital (12 hour shifts), where I feel hungry ALL day because I’m running around a lot, and where I am more likely to break my diet because of the sometimes bagels or donuts that might arrive thanks to the attending on service for that week or break it because of tiredness & wanting quick pick-me-up foods. Oddly enough, when I start something new, I prefer to start on Sunday (which I consider the beginning of the week). I feel like I can start the week of RIGHT and help myself to get on track. I felt if I can be successful on a longer work day, Monday thru Friday would be easy! So, Saturday night, I packed my (almost carb free) lunchbox up: boiled eggs, tuna packet, celery, almonds, baby carrots, protein shake, and my one carb: greek yogurt. I know eating the yogurt MAY slow down the carb kicking process, but I bought it before deciding to go on this diet, and I don’t want to waste the money; it definitely will expire before the 4 weeks if up. So, that is my one carb allowance for the day. To try to ensure that I’m not counteracting the whole detox, I ensure that I eat the yogurt before lunch, so that it has the time to burn off throughout the day. My day yesterday consisted of: breakfast: Jimmy Delight turkey sausage sandwich muffin (without the muffin); AM snack: 2 boiled eggs (whites only) and chobani; lunch: tuna salad (spring mix, celery, 1 boiled egg, 2 roma tomatoes), 1 serving of baby carrots, and 1 serving of almonds; PM snack ended up being a small piece of my boyfriend’s cheesecake left over from Friday night’s dinner (I wanted to taste it)–yes, I know I cheated, but I owned up to it AND logged it in my food journal on MFP; dinner: turkey burger (no bun), with tomato, pickles, cheese, and guacamole, small house salad, and teriyaki broccoli (which I didn’t end up eating because I was TOO full)… I actually almost didn’t finish my burger, but knew it wouldn’t taste the same the next day because guacamole doesn’t really do well overnight, so I finished the burger. My calories for the day came up to be around 1780, which was a cut from what I HAVE been eating for the past couple of months even–but I felt COMPLETELY satiated for the day. I DID get hunger pangs (i.e. my stomach was growling prior to breakfast and I got a hunger headache), but after lunch, which I ate around 1:30/1:45, I was satiated until closer to 7pm, and by the time I got hungry, I figured it was too late to eat anything because I knew that I would soon be eating dinner & would get full from my dinner.

I am proud of myself for being able to fight & get through my 12 hour shift without cheating. I still need to work on my PM cravings for sweets, but I feel like as long as I continue to fight this battle and resist wanting to eat the sweets at night, that I’ll be successful. I think when I get a sugar craving, I’m going to have a protein shake-which is low carb, but still has that vanilla Or chocolate kick. Today is day 2 and I’ve been doing well thus far. Trying to mimic what I did yesterday & anticipating lunch with a friend, which should also be low carb as well.

I plan on continuing to update as the days go on & keeping you all posted on my progress. I wasn’t able to take a weight and measurements in Friday or Saturday, but I know what they were prior to starting this because I logged them on MFP last week. I will take measurements probably next Monday to see what my weekly progress.

But time for me to start getting ready to meet my friend for lunch! I will update later!

*Off to Kick Carbs*

Side note: while watching this show, based in England, the narrator mentioned how the super skinny female on the show was a healthy size 12-14 prior to the birth of her child. It’s crazy to me how in other countries a size 12-14 IS healthy, but in the US it’s still a “fat” number because we have such a warped societal mindset on what a HEALTHY body is SUPPOSED to look like. Where are the days of women who looked like Marilyn Monroe–when these women we’re seen as beautiful and the “norm” and everyone aspired to look like them vs these super skinny super models? **sigh** Maybe just like fashion styles come back around, so will body image mindset?? A girl can dream!