So, I just finished up day 3 of this carb detox. I’ve been sticking to the plan well. It’s been a definite struggle though. My body is so not used to not eating so few calories or eating so little carbs. Today I had my doctors appointment, which I had to fast for, so I could get blood work done. I DEFINITELY under-ate today, but I didn’t really have a lot of time to eat either. I had to fast for literally half the day–doctors appointment was at 11, but I wasn’t seen until 12:15 & by the time I got out of there and was able to get SOMETHING in my stomach (around 1:30), it was a tall cup of coffee from Starbucks. I bought a jerk chicken salad, which I wasn’t able to eat until about 2.

As I ate, I watched a movie, then half-way through the movie, I became caught up in assembling another piece of workout equipment that arrived, and then went back to finishing the movie. I finally hit the gym around 5:30, eating a serving of almonds prior to the workout, and then at 6:30, rushed to get dressed and ready for a party at my boss’ house. I drank a protein shake on the way, and did great with resisting the carbs at the house: there were crackers and cheese, cookies, homemade chicken salad dip, a tomato, basil and chicken pasta, and a chocolate lava cake. I ate the chicken salad, which was OOO so yummy, a couple of pieces of cheese, and to get a taste for what the pasta was like, I ate the chicken and tomatoes. I got home around 11pm, and I haven’t had anything to eat since getting home. To me it feels too late to eat, so I don’t feel hungry right now, but I still have a headache.

The downfall of this diet is that I have resulted in under-eating compared to my usual calorie intake (around 1800-1900 calories), so today I managed to eat only around 1200 calories, which is pretty low for my usual daily caloric intake, so I’ve had a headache for about 2 days. It was kind of hard to intake more calories when I couldn’t eat for the whole first half of the day. I’m hoping tomorrow is a better day. I am also low on groceries and meant to go grocery shopping on Monday, but never got around to it–so lack of groceries has made this diet harder as well. I only have a few more days, and by Sunday I can start eating bread at least and that should help me to intake more calories…or maybe I won’t even want the bread? Who knows… But what I DO know, is I’m ready to be over this headache! I remember the headaches when I first did Atkin’s diet & I understand the science for why the headaches are happening, even if I do take in more calories than I did today, so I’m just trying to grit my teeth and bare it.

I finally got in a real workout today–20 minute strength training & Turbo Fire HIIT 15 video. It was hard to get through the workout considering I was low on caloric intake for today, but I somewhat got through it–or let’s just say I pushed as hard as I could. I was pretty physically lethargic today, but at least this week I haven’t been sleeping all day and lounging around in bed all day and been unproductive, but I’ve been getting up and going somewhere and doing something. I didn’t workout on Monday, but I did get up and stick to my diet and meet up with my friend, at the very least.

But as far as the doctors appointment today, most of it was good news. My blood pressure was perfect–it literally came in at 120/80. I got a blood test done to check my thyroid and cholesterol levels. I talked to my doctor about my weight loss problems and was prescribed an appetite suppressant and recommended a book to read, which I’ll try to start reading over the next few days. I also got a body composition test done. My doctor looked at my results and told me to not worry about it AS much and to just find a comfortable size/weight for me because genetically my body doesn’t fit into the BMI chart (he knows my whole family-been my doctor since I was a kid). So, it was good to hear from a doctor that as long as I do what I’m doing and try what he’s recommended, I should be okay. All in all, he said I’m a healthy girl and will be on this Earth for a good while. So, I guess this is good news, at least, to know that internally, I’m healthy for the most part. Waiting for my blood test results to come back, and then I’ll know for sure. I also found out how many calories I should eat to maintain my weight–so I’m going to eat that (around 1750), and burn my deficit in calories though exercise, since I usually burn around 500+ calories per workout anyway. So I’m going to make my goal to exercise off 3500 calories per week (equal to one pound) and hope that I can see some change from that, but this too will be a calorie cut by almost 200 calories, which should be helpful.

I’ll get my measurements done tomorrow (I know I’m a couple of days late, but I haven’t been around long enough to have a family member help me) and then check my weight at the end of the week to see if anything is happening. And then I’ll read the recommended book and change up my eating habits based off the guide. But my computer is dying, so I’m going to end here and will try to update at a later date!

Have a good night all!