CONGRATULATIONS! I got engaged on Saturday, June 15! I am very happy to be at this point in my life! I am so excited that I get to marry my best friend and love of my life and I am so confident that we will stick together through thick and thin! I love him and couldn’t ask for a better partner in life!

BUUUUTTTT….. with getting engaged comes wedding day preparation. I have started the planning process and am slowly getting some things organized. I am currently in school, so I haven’t been able to devote a LOT of time towards it, but I at least have ideas down and really just need to reserve my DJ, photographer, and caterer. I start nursing school in August, so if I could have those three confirmed or reserved at least by the time I start nursing school, then the hard part is over. I DO need to cut my invite list, but I plan on working on that towards the end of July when my summer classes end.

But the caterer, DJ, and photographer, or even the guest list is NOT where most of my focus is. My focus is on the wedding dress! As I’m sure it is for EVERY bride! I have let myself go and have gained about 15lbs since moving into my apartment. I have allowed my tiredness and busy work and school schedules to take me off track and have been eating what I want, not watching my calories, and not working out as much as I used to. The day my boyfriend, now fiancé, proposed, I put on one of my “successful weight-loss” dresses that I bought last year, and the dress would not zip up and I managed to rip it trying to get it to zip. Then on Monday, I put on my “fat” jeans and they were too tight…So I’m REALLY “pissed off” at myself and I’m SO determined to get my weight down again. Since I am not currently comfortable with my weight, I am putting my weight dress shopping on hold for now. My biggest fears are that if I went shopping now, the store won’t have my size, or if they do it’s ugly dresses or not the style I’m looking for, or I wont be able to zip up any of these dress. So, I’m prolonging this process to give myself some time to lose some weight and tone up before I have to do this and try to prevent a traumatic incident from happening. To give myself enough time for any alterations that might be needed, I have to get a wedding dress by October/November, which gives me 4 months to get my behind in order and in shape.

I started on Sunday with my new program, as you can see by the title, I have named #OperationWeddingDress or #OWD for short. I am four days in, and so far have ran Sunday and Tuesday, and strength trained on Monday. My main goals for this program are to (1) get organized and develop a routine, (2) stop allowing school and work to get in my way, (3) manage my weight by a solid exercise and healthy diet program. I know if I can stick to these three goals, my wedding dress shopping will be successful.

My focus is not only on resetting my diet and getting back to eating like I used to,  and eating healthier, but also getting back into working out 5-6 days a week like I used to: I want to begin and stick to a strength training program and get back to running. Because of my lack of focus, my running endurance has suffered and I am no longer able to run 6 miles like I used too. Currently, I am struggling to get through 3 miles, but my ultimate goal is to get back to running 6 miles in one run, and averaging about 10-13 miles a week. I have started a running program with RunKeeper, Running4FatLoss. I’m running about 4 times a week. It’s been tough, starting off, but I know with time, the runs will get easier as long as I stick to it. I have started and stopped this program multiple times, but I’m determined this time after seeing how my clothes are “shrinking”.

On top of getting back to running, I have started a strength training program. I have split my strength days to three days a week-Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Mondays are upper body, Wednesdays are lower body, and Fridays are a kettle bell workout. I will probably stick with the same routines for 4-6 weeks, and then switch them up. I’m not quite sure yet if I should do it for just a month, or go a little longer, because I know it takes 6 weeks to form a habit, but we will see how my strength changes and if the workouts are no longer challenging me, then I’ll switch them up.

Outside of my running program and strength training, my other cardio will consist of jump roping workouts, yoga, and kickboxing. Those are not anything scheduled, but will be thrown in as I see fit. I have a 10 minute jump rope routine that I will use when I’m tired or pressed for time and then I have kickboxing for when I need something a little longer or more intense. And of course, yoga for those sore days when I need to stretch or de-stress!

I hope after four months of this, that it will all pay off and that I will lose some pounds and will be able to get into a wedding dress and find one fairly easily. I’m SO determined to make THIS process of the wedding planning the most fun and easiest, but I AM really nervous as of right now! I am also finding accountability buddies and am going to try to update my blog more often to help keep myself more accountable. Just wanted to update my blog with my change of status… Off I am to go get this workout in: 5 minute jump rope warm up, 15 min lower body + 15 min abs, 10 min jump rope and/or 30 min run if the weather permits (it’s been raining on and off today!)

Good Bye!