I started #OperationWeddingDress, but I slightly fell off the bandwagon after working practically five days in a row. I was fairly tired and did not workout on my two days off, but I did, however, run the Peachtree Road Race on the Fourth of July, which was basically my only workout for the week. I took Friday-Sunday off to recover from my crazy days prior. I slept a lot those three days! But I refused to give up, so after a lot of research last week and talking to friends, I decided that the best idea to try to kickstart my weight-loss program was to go on a fresh-pressed juice cleanse or detox. My sorority sister ranted on how she was having great results with her program, and so I wanted to give it a try, but since I don’t have a blender/juicer nor did I want to spend the money getting one (especially because I know I wouldn’t make the time to make my own juices), I decided to shop around for already made juices. The cheapest I found was Arden’s Garden, a local company. My fiancé’s friend went on an Arden’s Garden detox and cleanse and had great results from it as well, so I decided to give it a try.

Arden's Garden 2 Day Detox

Arden’s Garden 2 Day Detox

On Sunday, my fiancé and I headed to the store and picked up my two detox gallons, plus 7 juices for the days to follow the detox. The detox was $30 for the 2 gallons, and I got 7 juices for <$20. My fiancé kept giving me a look of concern, but at this point, I was determined to try anything to aid in my weight-loss. I figured even if it didn’t work, the $30 dollars wasn’t a HUGE, HUGE loss. I started the detox on Monday. I stuck with it hard-core, until about 5pm when the hunger headache hit full-swing. After my class, the lady in the store’s voice went through my head, “If you really can’t stand the hunger pangs, eat raw fruit and vegetables”. I decided to go grab some fresh fruit and veggies, ordering a spring mix salad with tomato and cucumber from Panera Bread. I ended up giving into the bread, but only eating 1/4 a piece of the bread (about a half-inch piece) (it was warm, freshly baked, and smelled SO heavenly), my salad, and a peach for dinner…And shortly thereafter, passed out for the rest of the evening.

On Tuesday, I was determined to be a little better. I had to work, so I packed three large bottles of juice, drank 16oz before leaving the house, and headed to work. I became “hangry” (hunger + angry) by noon and became frustrated with life, my job, school, everything. I felt out of sorts, depressed, grumpy, moody, to name a few of the emotions that were running through me. I had another salad, the same as Monday, for lunch, along with a peach. Since I was at work and more active than Monday, I decided to eat at least a lunch and snacked on baby carrots that day just to get me through the shift. After work, I came home, finished my jug of juice and waited up until 1201… where I grubbed down on a bowl of oatmeal! I was SO hungry! But I had survived the two days!

On Wednesday morning, I stepped on the scale and was down almost 5lbs. I went from 220 to 215.4. I was very proud of myself and suddenly felt a burst of motivation and confidence! Now that I saw the scale moving in a positive direction, I didn’t want to undo everything I just did. Yesterday, I went for a 45 minute run/walk and made sure to eat as cleanly as I could, then later that evening, joined my fiancé for a 37 minute TapOut XT core workout. I felt like I was on top of the world yesterday and was in a MUCH better mood than I had been the day before, but then again, I was eating! I did really well overall with my diet and even skipped the carbs after noon. For dinner, I had an arugula salad with a lettuce “bun” black bean burger. Which was SOOO delicious! My downfall was the dang free dessert the restaurant offered us because the kitchen accidentally put onions on my burger, which I didn’t find a big deal, but the waitress did, but the fiancé and I took it to-go, and we only took a few nibbles out of it–not NEARLY enough to undo our workouts from the day.

With the changes I’ve made in the past 3 days and seeing the scale move, I’m feeling confident I can do this! I restarted my RunKeeper Running4FatLoss program and now that the fiancé has downloaded TapOut XT, I am going to try to incorporate that into my workout regimen. I’m also going to try the TapOut 10 Day Slim Down recipes. The meals actually look REALLY good and are different recipes that I would like to try. My diet plan is to do the glycemic index diet as best I can. I am going to drink the Arden’s Garden juices with my snacks and cut carb intake after lunch, like I did yesterday. I am down another 1.6lbs today, and hopefully can keep the weight loss going. I plan on doing the detox again in another 6 weeks-2 months, because I feel like it’s a really good reset for the body. So we shall see how this goes, but I am getting closer to the weight I was when we moved into our apartment in November! I’m excited about the journey and hope that together, the fiancé and I can be successful and look FANTASTIC for our wedding day! 288 Days left to go! (So we have a MORE than enough time!)