So, as you know, I’ve been doing the 28 Day Carb Detox, but I kind of fell off the wagon and am not even sure what day I’m on. I did finish the 2nd week with good results and ended the week weighing in at 198.8, which is a good loss. I know I was on the move to starting week 3, which was adding in fruit to my diet. Last Friday, I was under a lot of stress and ended up sabotaging my evening–I went to dinner and out of emotion ordered a chocolate molten oreo cake with ice cream. Eating it made me feel really sick though, and I told myself I was going to swear off the sweets until my free day a week, but I ended up having another sweet dessert on Saturday and again on Sunday. Sunday I had planned on getting back on track, but because of the stress, my boyfriend had surprised me with movie and dessert and I enjoyed a hefty portion of movie theater popcorn and a brownie with ice cream on top.

This week hasn’t really been the BEST week for me for my eating and exercise regime that I had developed for myself. And having a holiday mid-week didn’t really help either. I worked on Monday and was pretty tired by the time I got home at 7pm. I ended up eating dinner almost immediately and therefore, didn’t end up getting my workout in. Tuesday I spent too much time lounging around and trying to recuperate from my weekend and ended up running out of time. I had to go pick up my race packet and by the time I got back home, it was time for dinner, and again, I ended up not getting my workout in–I was enjoying spending time with my family and boyfriend watching a movie and relaxing.

Wednesday was the first time I got a workout in and that’s because: I RAN THE AJC PEACHTREE ROAD RACE!!!!! The race was A LOT of fun and I really did enjoy the atmosphere. I went in hoping I’d run the whole thing, but 3 miles into it and I started feeling a little sick. I don’t know if it was the cardiac hill, the heat, or lack of proper fueling the day before- but I just didn’t feel like I was able to get my TRUE kick back. I ran as much of the race as I could. Probably about 4-5 out of the 6 miles. It was a lot tougher than I anticipated, but the GREAT thing is: I FINISHED! I crossed the finish line and got my t-shirt! I completed the race in 1:16:29 on my watch (I accidently added an extra second when I was taking the picture), but according to AJC Peachtree Road Race OFFICIAL time results, I finished in 1:16:22, which I pretty good! I was aiming to run the race in 1:15, so one more minute isn’t so bad. That’s a minute I KNOW I can shave off in the future. I feel like if I had been able to run the whole thing, I would have finished by 1:05ish-so that will be my goal for next year! I felt pretty proud of my accomplishment, even though it didn’t go as well as I wanted. I am DEFINITELY planning on competing again next year and since I know the course now, will train better for it. I don’t do a lot of hill training, so I think I need to get more hill training in over the next year.

My finishing time, plus 1 second I added accidently when I was taking the picture.

The Congrats sign I came home to my parents made me and my Finisher’s shirt!

AND I have PROOF that I crossed the finish line! I found the footage of me crossing the finish line on In about 1:55 ALL the way on the left side of the screen, you see a tall black guy in a yellow shirt. I come in to the left of him in a blue top, black leggings, carrying a green frisbee & red, white, blue lei. I cross in front of him and you can see my clearly in the bottom left corner. I clear the video at 2:26. (I don’t know how long 11Alive will keep their videos available, but at least I have the link!)

Coming in for the finish! 0.6 miles left!

I am registered for 2 more half-marathons for this fall and want to be able to run the majority of those races. I will be getting back on my Hal Higdon Half-Marathon training probably next week so that I’m prepared for my first fall half-marathon in October.

I am REALLY enjoying running races and I am happy that I have this passion in my life. I might hate the training aspect of it, but the sense of accomplishment after the race is SOOO unbelievable! I don’t even know how to describe it! I’m enjoying starting my collection of medals!

But I definitely need to get my workout for today in…or attempt to. I am feeling rather sluggish this week, FOR SURE. My head keeps telling me “rest, rest, just REST”… and maybe it has a point? IDK, but I’m definitely going to make next week a better one and just learn to fight through the tiredness. I am working Monday and Tuesday until 5:30, so Monday will be easier to get a workout in than Tuesday since I’ll have an hour long commute home on Tuesday. So, we shall see how it goes! Monday I start my half-marathon training! Then I’ll be taking a week off from formalized exercise when I go on vacation. Will still be finding calorie burning activities–like hiking and swimming, but I don’t think I’ll be running and lifting. But, I have to make these next 2 weeks a strong one! I DO have vacation soon! But most of all–I need to get back to monitoring my diet!

And as far as the Carb Detox: I think I’m going to re-start week 3 on Sunday and get back on track with everything. I like starting things on Sunday–I like that “beginning of the week” refreshing feeling. I need to check with the G.I. Diet book and see which fruits are best and how to incorporate them into my diet properly so I’m eating them at the right time of the day and preventing glucose storage, but I will most definitely get back on track starting Sunday and try my best to stick to it until I leave for vacation and then get back on track when I come back. But I’m not going to worry! It will all workout in the end! And for now, I’m just enjoying life and my new accomplishments!! :0)

But Signing Off for now! Hope all my readers are doing well with their exercise and healthy eating! And remember: “Life does not come with a remote, YOU have to get off the couch to change it!” (Not sure who said it, but it’s a great quote!)