It’s August 7th and I am trying to get #backontrack with my diet/exercise/weight loss program. I didn’t do very well in July and while I worked out really hard that first week and lost some pounds through that and my detox, I ended up getting overwhelmed and stressed out with the end of summer classes and slipped off the bandwagon. But I decided that in August I MUST stick to a program and get past this 1 week hump. I feel like if I could just make it to two or three weeks of working out regularly, I would be successful at getting back on track and eventually lose some weight.

I was watching Extreme Weight Loss last night and talking to my finacĂ© about how the girl was feeling. Even towards the end, when she was close to her goal, but did not qualify for skin-removal surgery, she mentioned that while she has lost a lot of weight, it didn’t matter what anyone else thought, she didn’t feel like SHE wouldn’t be happy with the results. I could completely relate to how she felt in that after losing 50ish pounds and I’m a LOT slimmer than I used to be, while I’m on this weight loss journey, people keep telling me I’m going to be a gorgeous bride, even if I don’t lose a pound, but if I don’t lose a pound, I won’t be happy and my biggest fear is waking up on my wedding day disgusted with how I look… because knowing me, if I don’t feel good that day, I might not want to walk down the aisle…and that would be a HORRIBLE feeling. So, I don’t want to go through that.

Since the start of the month, the one thing I’ve been focused on has been my calorie intake. I did okay the first and second, but the third and fourth we’re kind of a bust since I was at my parents’ house. While I didn’t eat the greatest those two days, I did run on the third, fiancĂ© and I did a 5K Run or Dye race with a couple of friends, and then we painted for about 3 hours after the run, and then painted for another 2ish hours on the fourth. Then on the 5th, I REALLY got my calories under control and have been aiming to eat within my calorie goal. I have done very well since Monday. Today I weighed in, just to get an idea of where I was at, and I’m down 2 pounds, so to make that a permanent weight loss, I need to continue watching my calorie intake and start exercising regularly.

My goal is to start and finish TapOut XT. I would REALLY love to complete one of these challenging 90 Day programs like TapOut or Insanity or something. I feel like it’s such a short sacrifice and I could take my body into AMAZING physical shape. I might even look better than I did last year! I feel like I need to just stick with it. And by the time I am done with this 90 Day program, it’ll be time to go wedding dress shopping. And then I can learn to maintain it afterwards, maybe even purchase TapOut XT 2? Who knows!

I did the first video today, and I was actually pretty impressed that I got through it. I attempted almost every move, maybe not with the proper form, but I tried to modify and get through it and I did. I even pushed myself to get through the Killer Move at the end of the video, even though the video was over, I wasn’t until I finished it, and I’m proud of myself for pushing it out. There are TONS of push ups and upper body moves, and my prediction is that if I get through the 90 Days…my arms will be in AMAZING shape & I might actually get rid of my 2nd wave for the first time in my life!

While I love running and miss the running shape I was in, I’m putting my running on hold. My plan is to run 3 days a week and follow a 10K training program that I found on Pinterest, but I won’t be starting that until Nursing School starts August 19th. My plan is to do a TapOut workout before class and then hit the gym for my run after class or run outside if it’s not too cold. I just want to get into the habit of working out regularly again and then once I get back in gear, I’ll incorporate a second workout into my day, three times a week. I have to make the small changes first.

So in three days of calorie restriction (from what I have been doing) and working out one of these days, I’m actually starting to feel better and even a little slimmer–my stomach doesn’t feel so distended today. I have to take it day by day. AS my sorority sister/best friend/bridesmaid told me this morning “Keep my eye on the prize!”.

I’m going to get there…just gotta get off my behind and do it! Until next time….