This entry I’m sure will be relatable to all my female readers on a weight loss journey, and maybe will clarify some things up for men who may not get it!

I’m here to discuss periods… Yea, that “time of the month” thing where our hormones go haywire for a week or two. I’m not going to go into detail about what a period is, no need to do that, but I’m here to talk about the struggles with weight loss and being a woman.

I have a female friend that I check in with regularly. We hold each other accountable and confess when we’ve eaten bad or skipped the gym. She, too, is on the last home stretch to her weight loss journey, trying to get to her goal weight. We were discussing the other day how when it comes to our time of the month, we just feel like we wanna eat everything in sight. We don’t! But we give in to some of our smaller temptations, like a piece of chocolate here or there, or like yesterday, I just wanted a burger and fries after not having had one in a while. We’re almost always on top of our diets and exercise regimen, so we don’t feel AS guilty for giving in, but the guilt still hits.

It’s like you workout SOOO hard over a month and then sabotage everything you’ve done in a week. I was having this discussion with my boyfriend the other night and he “just didn’t get it”. He felt there is no reason to HAVE to give into temptations, which is understandable because men tend to have more stable hormones then we women do, but I feel like as a woman, our hormones SCREAM at us telling to go get the food before something major happens-like cramps or a headache.

I truly believe being a woman makes weight-loss THAT much harder. We already have a genetic disposition/natural tendency to carry more weight then men once we hit child-bearing age. This along with our hormones going haywire, also make weight-loss harder. I was explaining to my boyfriend how almost every week our hormone levels are at a different level because we’re either ovulating or mentruating or something or other…I could go into all the different levels of hormones being released at different points throughout the month…but I’ll save that for the doctors.

But I watch shows like The Biggest Loser, I Used To Be Fat and Heavy, and I always notice that the woman workout JUST as hard, sometimes harder, then the men, and they CONSISTENTLY have a low weight loss, maybe like 4 pounds, when men will lose like 8 pounds in the same amount of time.

Being a woman and being on this weight-loss journey, I am annoyed with my genes sometimes because it takes SO much effort for us women to lose weight. We struggle to resist cravings and to get our child-bearing fat off our hips.  I’ve been on this home-stretch for a little over a year now. I feel like I am ALWAYS on a diet and the weight just doesn’t seem to go anywhere.  I am running 4 miles now, going on 3 times a week, and on the other two days doing cardio. I haven’t gotten much into the strength training thing still…I just don’t have the motivation to do it so much. I REALLY wish I had a partner. I try to incorporate my 3lb hand weights whenever I can, like when I do my Biggest Loser workouts or I take Kick at Gold’s Gym. I REALLY miss yoga and wish I could get back into the swing of things, but with my hand still not fully recovered and me getting surgery on it in about 7 weeks, I’m holding off trying to cause anymore damage to it.

I just wonder what kind of things we woman can do to stabilize our hormones, our cravings, and aid in us losing this weight. I know my friend and I can’t be the only women in the world who feel this way!

If you too struggle with this, I’d love to hear your feedback so I could blog about it!