Today’s Workout Stats: Running, approximately 11 mph/mile, ran: 4.58 miles + walked: 0.24 miles, 55 mins total; 981 calories burned

Was approached by the gym owner after my workout. He expressed how impressed he was with my workout and joked about how he was exhausted just by seeing me running for such a long period of time. The cool thing about it is he remembered that when I first became a member at the gym, I was NO WHERE near to running 4+ miles. I must say, I’m enjoying the compliments after my runs! This is my 2nd one so far!

So now that I’ve got the introduction entry out of the way and you know my back story and how I’ve gotten to this point I’m at now, I think it’s time I explain what my goal weight is and my plan as far as my diet and exercise routine go.

My goal weight: 185lbs. You might be thinking that’s still a pretty high number, but 185 will officially take me out of the overweight BMI category and place me JUST right into the healthy group. Or normal range, whatever it’s called. Also, how did I decide on this number: I looked at my sisters. Both my sisters are around the 170 range. When considering my weight and looking at where I started, 50 pounds in of itself was going to be a challenge, and another 33 from there would be even harder. My eldest sister has my mom’s frame, so I feel like it’s easier for her to get a lower number on the scale & get a celebrity thin body, like Jennifer Aniston or Rihanna, and my older sister is an Olympic athlete who lifts almost every day and sometimes works out 2x a day… Something I have NO aspiration in doing & she can have all that! I wanted to be realistic with myself and not aim for something that I felt I’d have to go to the extreme to obtain and MAINTAIN. I’m near 5’8 and I DO have a wider frame compared to my peers. I got my dad’s stocky body with broad shoulders and big thighs. I have no desire to be celebrity thin, like my sister does. I embrace being kinda thick and like having a little meat on my bones & that’s my asset of attraction for the male counterpart. One sister has the small frame, the other has the muscular body and booty…I’m gonna be the thick one…or else we’d all look even more alike than we already do. I’ve always been the biggest of the 3 of us, so I decided on what I felt was reasonable and obtainable for me, where I could eat like a “normal” person and still maintain that weight. This journey has been a long one already with getting these 53 pounds off, that I’m already exhausted with the idea of trying to get another 15 off, that doubling that to get to the 170’s would probably wear me out and make me lose hope, especially now where shooting for even 5lbs that’s not coming off is making me lose hope. (Hence why I’m starting the blog to hopefully inspire myself, even, and keep me accountable because I know people are reading it.)

So what are my exercise and diet plans?
My exercise: I’m shooting to get back up to working out 5x a week like I used to. With my new work schedule, I’ve become more tired and as of right now, am averaging 3x a week, which is still pretty good. When I get to the gym, I can usually do cardio with out a problem. I shoot to do 40-50 mins, which includes a 5 minute cool down, usually at a level of 8-10 on the machine (so some high resistance). Cardio usually includes running 3-4 miles or elliptical trainer. I have a small gym, so there aren’t many options as far as cardio machines.

Then, I’ve recently started picking up strength training again. I was doing Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. I noticed some SLIGHT changes after 18 days, but a vacation and new work schedule threw me off, so I never finished the 30 days, but it REALLY IS a great workout, especially if you’re limited on time. She say’s it’s 20 minutes, but from start to finish with stretching, it’s actually 27. I want to strength train 3x a week-two days will probably be at the gym, just using circuit machines, full body, and then my 3rd day, I am going to use the Shred dvd. I want to change things up, because I’ve heard it helps get you out of a plateau of you “shock your body with different exercises”. But I will keep it a routine in that I do 5 days of cardio with 3 days of them including strength training. My Shred days will be my light day. I shoot to burn at least 500 calories per cardio workout. I use a Bowflex watch heart rate monitor to track my calories. It’s 3500 calories to make one pound, so if I do 500 x 5 days, that gets me to about 2/3 of a pound loss per week. Add strength training to that for 30 minutes, 3 times a week, and I should FOR SURE lose at least a pound a week-a very healthy goal.

But I know ideally doctors say you should workout for 30 minutes every day, but that’s just unrealistic to me with my schedule and I know if I try taking it to the extreme, I lose motivation when I can’t stick to it & I tend to give up all together. And the key to success IS being realistic about your weight loss goals.

My Diet: I’ve been following My Fitness Pal. With my stats it tells me I should eat 1990 calories per day. I try to get as close to that number as I can on a daily basis. When I’m not working, it’s very easy to get there and to have my mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks, along with my three regular meals, but days I’m working, it’s actually VERY hard for me to get there, and I’m usually under that number. With my high and low days, I average about 1500/1600 calories a day. Because I don’t get off work until 10/11pm, I wake up later, so after getting my workout in, my breakfast turns into lunch. I get 2 opportunities to eat a quick snack at work-which is when the residents are snacking and during dinner time, so I carry a protein bar or 100 calorie snack pack in my apron for those moments. But besides my 3o minute break, my job doesn’t really allow me to sit and eat a full meal. I try packing my own dinner for when I DO get my break-which so far has been a turkey sandwich with some snacks, or left overs from a previous dinner. I don’t cook much because by the time I get off work, I’m too tired to sit in the kitchen and cook my dinner for the next day, and I feel I don’t have much time in the morning to do it. So, my diet: really consists of cereal for breakfast, if I have a mid-morning snack, yogurt; lunch is usually a turkey sandwich with some 100 calorie snack packs; mid-afternoon snack is usually a fiber bar, and dinner is usually something I can cook quickly, like a meal-for-two or baked chicken and rice. When I get off work, if I’m still hungry, I usually snack on popcorn-Orville Redenbaucher’s Natural popcorn-so it’s low cal per serving. But the main thing I did with my diet was just eat lower calorie options for things that I enjoy.

I KNOW my diet can use some tweaking–especially because my MAJOR weakness is ice cream and cookies. I already know I don’t get enough fruits and vegetables on a daily, but I DO get my servings of dairy. I think when my anatomy teacher told me that after the age of 35 you stop storing calcium, I went on a calcium panic and started taking in as much as I could to store it to prevent osteoporosis at a later age. I try to drink 100% fruit juices like Juicy Juice or Minute Maid to get my 2-3 servings of fruit a day and when I cook, I try to eat peas or green beans. It’s DEFINITELY harder to eat better when you have a schedule where you’re almost always on the go. I keep telling myself to stop by the grocery store and get some baby carrots or something “produce-y” that I can snack on. I just find myself buying them and wasting them cause I don’t eat them fast enough, and I hate wasting money…but I AM going to try, once I get paid, to get more fruits and veggies in my diet on a daily basis.

So, there you go-there’s my plan for reaching my goal weight. Feel free to comment if you have any suggestion or you see any faults in my plan besides what I already listed.

Also! I forgot to tell you all: when I lost those 30lbs with Healthé Trim, I emailed Bert Weiss from Q100 and shared my success story with him. He forwarded my message along to the Healthé Trim people, and I was given a radio commercial, which I never got to hear because I was in Whistler, Canada when it aired, and was given the opportunity to be in a Healthé Trim 60 second spot! I know most of you haven’t seen it, so I have posted it below. I emailed the lady who was in charge of getting the 60 second spot, and she responded with some ways to get out of my plateau. I will share that info, too, for any of you who might be in the same stuck position I’m in. Just click the link below-it’s a word document.

Here’s the video:

Weight Loss Plateaus