So, my boyfriend and I are starting new strict diets. He’s just starting his weight-loss journey, and I, as you know, have been doing this for a good minute now. I’m about to mark my 3rd year anniversary on this weight-loss thing and I’m STILL annoyed I’m not down to the goal weight I want to be at. “They” DEFINITELY weren’t lying when they say the last 10-15 pounds are the hardest to lose.

And what makes it even harder is I weighed in tonight at a whoping 198! Which is like a 7 pound increase! I wish I could get down to 191 and STAY there for a while, that would be great… But SINCE I gained all this weight back, I’m trying something new: I’m going to improve the amount of fruits and veggies I eat a day (trying to have one, if not both, to each meal), stick to my calorie intake goal, workout 4-5 times a week, and NO MORE DESSERTS/SWEETS (the ULTIMATE test, because I’m ADDICTED to sugar). I’ve been monitoring my intake, but last week, I DID go a little crazy, for good reasons, but I need to find some alternatives for that, like that pear dessert thing they made last week on The Biggest Loser. That looked SOOO good…yum!

But the purpose of this entry was to talk about the good and bad about dieting with a boyfriend.


When my boyfriend and I first started dating, we were in two different places in life (health-wise). He would eat whatever he wanted, and I was Calorie Counting Crazy. I was very meticulous about every piece of bite I put into my mouth. Of course, as the dates continued and our hunger would become later and later in the evening, I found myself enjoying a shake and those lovely potatoes from Belgium (fries). I would scarf down a burger here and there as well. I noticed my diet was changing a little bit. I was still working out and getting my exercise, so it wasn’t affecting me TOO bad, but I was definitely finding myself eating more like him. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but for a former-fatty like me, I was over-eating and not tracking calories. I slipped on my diet often, and hence why I would get to weeks like last week, and have something sweet and dessert like PRACTICALLY every day. It was madness!

But time has changed, and now he’s working on losing weight. I’ve noticed over the past month or so, that he’s starting to follow in my footsteps. I remember going to get breakfast and he ordered breakfast based off my “calorie conscious” advice and this week when we went out, that he was actually following in my foot-steps versus the other way around like it had been in the past. We both got Baked Cheetos to snack on and he drank Coke Zero. Over the weekend we discussed doing a diet together. His idea was a little more stricter than my idea, so we had to compromise. We decided that we’d go for 3 weeks to see how we’d do. If we did well, we’d celebrate on Valentine’s Day.


Since we’re both dieting and trying to lose some weight, it’s helping us to not only become more supportive of one another, but helping us bond more (and is another conversation starter). This is going to be a bonding moment because, as we always do, we’ll check in on each other every day and see how the other is progressing along. We’ll be able to advise one another. He’s already found some new recipes and restaurants for us to try, which will be cool and that’ll help us to get a jump start on healthy cooking for when we’re at that time in our lives of moving into our own place. And the new restaurants will give us a different adventure as we can try new things together. I’m excited about this journey together. I’m excited about the healthy lifestyle we’re developing as a couple, which will ensure longevity in our weight loss. If we’re both eating healthy and working out, then we won’t sabotage one another.

Another beautiful thing about this is we can hold each other accountable; like this afternoon, when I got home from work, I was COMPLETELY exhausted. I even took a small hour nap (which I can NEVER do). I woke up around 6:30, like I wanted to, but not in the mood to sweat WHAT-SO-EVER, and forced myself to get up and hit the gym. The thing that got me going: KNOWING that my boyfriend was going and I didn’t want to be the “odd-man out”. It’s also Day 1 of our new program, and I couldn’t cheat on it already! I feel better about myself when I can tell him that I worked out today –that we BOTH worked out together. I’m hoping the increase in activity will inspire us to change up our dates (when the weather gets warmer) to some outdoorsy activities, like walking and picnicking, or bike riding or something of the sort. This, too, will help bring us closer together because we might be able to find something in common that we both enjoy doing and can do often.

But all-in-all, if we stick to it, support one another, and hold each other accountable, we’ll not only be successful at our weight-loss, but it’ll help bring us closer together as a couple as we’ll be able to find more fun things to do that help support our goals. And anything that brings us closer together as a couple, I’m ALWAYS down for!

But, off to bed! I gotta get my rest!