This is going to be a quick entry:

I didn’t go to the gym today. My legs still felt like jello when I woke up from running yesterday. I decided to run some errands, so I got dressed in my workout clothes, hoping it would motivate me to go after I finished my errand, but when I came back I still didn’t feel like going. So I thought maybe I’d go later tonight, since it IS Workout ANYtime, but then I got invited to go out. I decided to go out cause with my new work schedule I tend to miss all the fun events from getting off so late.

I did eat healthy today, to the best of my ability. I only ordered one taco tonight and limited to just eating mostly chips and salsa, since salsa has less calories than the cheese dip. And my breakfast, lunch and snacks today were WAY healthier. I also bought some apples and baby carrots for afternoon snacks, so I’m trying to get on the path of straight and narrow!

But just wanted to quickly update & I’ll be going to the gym tomorrow to get my strength training in! See you all tomorrow.