So, I haven’t written in a couple of days. This weekend has been crazy, in a fun way, and I got my MUCH needed fun in. I worked out last Thursday-did 45 minutes of cardio and then strength training. I had to work that night, from 11-7am, and then Friday I went back to work from 2-10, so I didn’t workout Friday. That night, I went to Coronation with my boyfriend, so I guess you can count my hour or two of dancing and walking to the school as my exercise. I felt like I burned a lot of calories that evening, cause I woke up Saturday morning sore.

And Sidenote: Speaking of soreness-I wrote that blog about not feeling the soreness, so I tried increasing my weight, and after doing so-THEN I felt sore the next day. I can barely lift the new weight, but since I enjoyed the after effect of the soreness, then I’ll continue to lift that weight until it gets too easy. It’s tough, but I know that having a tough workout is important towards changing my body.

The purpose of this entry is to talk about what I wore for Coronation and the change in my wardrobe over the past 2 years. I wore this little pink dress that my sister got from Banana Republic. I’m not sure how long she had the dress, but it’s just a cute pink dress with pockets.

My boyfriend and I at Coronation/Little Pink Number

I added a black belt to it to give it some flare and to add attention to my waist. I complemented it with a pink headband and silver Jessica Simpson heels (one of my favorite pairs of heels). I think I looked really cute and I was super excited to be all dolled up, since the majority of the time now I’m wearing khakis or black slacks and white or black polos (my uniform for work). I have to be honest in saying, I CAN NOT stop staring at that picture. I just look at how skinny I look. I felt FANTASTIC that night, while I felt like I looked good-I didn’t realize I looked THAT slender!

I must say that it’s interesting to see how much my wardrobe has changed over the few years. When I was heavier, I used to wear, what I consider, some of the most un-fashionable clothes. I remember being in high school and college and looking at other females on campus and envying their little cute outfits. I would attempt to go shopping and try to find things that looked similarly cute, but I just couldn’t find anything. I used to ALWAYS struggle to find cute clothes to go out in–like on dates or “girls night out” events with my sorors. I’d wear just OKAY looking outfits, but I just remember not feeling AS cute as the rest of the people in my party. I used to go shopping looking for “flirty tops” to wear, but when I found cute ones and tried them on, they just didn’t look or fit right and they were usually left at the store. I have to say, they JUST don’t make cute clothes in bigger sizes. They try, but I just feel like it’s normally a washed down version of the smaller sizes of that same product. Like I guess adding more fabric makes it lose it flare.

But anyway-one things I’ve noticed now that I’m a smaller size, is I find myself being able to find cute clothes that are more-so fit my age easier. I don’t have to wear frumpy, oversized shirts to try to cover up and hide my stomach, but now am, in fact, trying to draw attention to my smaller waistline. It feels good to be able to do that. I feel like when I dress up or need something cute to wear to go out in, I look more like the 23 year old that I am, and no longer look like I’m a spinster who sits at home all day, with no social life. I just felt that way, even though I was going out a good amount when I was in college.

I also am able to fit into more “brand names”. New Years 2010, my mother and I went shopping for after Christmas sales, and I bought some shirts from BCBG…I used to walk in that store and would stand mostly by the door cause I KNEW I couldn’t fit into those clothes, but on New Years, I left the store with 2 shirts and a cardigan–and the cardigan, as funny as this is, was sized at an extra small, which of course made me feel EVEN better. It’s an oversized cardigan, but I didn’t want oversized, I was tired of wearing oversized clothes and I wanted it to FIT, so I actually kept trying on smaller size after smaller size until I got as small as I could go.

Old Navy used to be my store of choice, but now I find myself wanting to wear more “sophisticated/professional” looking clothes even on my day-to-day wear, not just for going out, and I started shopping at the Gap and Banana Republic now. I go to Old Navy when I need quick or simple things, like tee shirts and tank tops. But their pants just don’t fit me like they used to (when all I could wear was Old Navy pants).

But all in all, while I may not go shopping often (cause money is tight), I’m happy to be able to walk into a store and for the majority of the clothes I pick up to try on fit, whereas when I was heavier, the majority wouldn’t. Now that the weather is changing and fall has approached and winter is fast approaching, as we hit 45ยบ weather this morning, I’m excited to be going Fall/winter clothes shopping because I know I’ll be able to find some cute clothes that will not only fit a need of just casually going out, but I don’t have to avoid going on a “girls night out” with my friends for not having anything to wear.

The biggest reward-I feel more confident in myself because I am confident in the clothes I wear and feel they flatter my body. It’s interesting how we dress ourselves relates to how we feel about ourselves.

On to the next blog…