Todays workout: 10 minutes on Treadmill (warm-up), 30 minutes of circuit training, 37 minutes on stationary bike, 10 minutes ab work

Well, I haven’t really been doing so well these past two weeks. I’ve gone like one or two days out of the week for these past two weeks. I’ve just been busy with work and trying to live life. And I haven’t really even been in the mood to blog either. I find myself having low motivation to really do anything these days. I feel like I’ve lost countless hours of sleep with my hectic schedule that when I DO have time to relax, all I want to do is relax. But the reality is-I have errands to run or something else to take care of, and I just don’t get the down time. So, the thing that’s been slacking has been my regular visits to the gym.

I woke up this morning and decided TODAY IS THE DAY! I blogged about making getting up and going my goal, and so TODAY I am claiming that goal. I’m trying to get myself on a schedule, where I get to bed earlier (around 12ish, but no later than 1:30, for those nights I get off work at 11), and getting up around 9:30 to make it to the gym by 10. Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays will be my cross-training/strength training days, and Tuesday and Thursday will be my running days. I DO still want to do that half-marathon by next year, so I need to make sure I’m still progressively training for it. If I go Monday thru Friday, then I can relax Saturday and Sunday, and when I have weekends off, I can ACTUALLY relax and catch up on missed sleep and enjoy time with my family and friends.

I really don’t have much to say tonight, but I got up and went to the gym. I will be going again tomorrow too. Sorry for the absence between posts–I’m still looking into new blog ideas, besides continuing to talk about myself-I’m sure you all will get bored with me soon!

Also, last note: Jeannie-O turkey burgers are SOOO good! I had one for dinner tonight, with green beans–very low calorie meal and very fulfilling! Added white american cheese, ketchup, mayo with olive oil, and pickles! YUMMY! So, maybe that will be my next topic-the cost of food when losing weight?? I’ll consider it!